The Problem of Evil

The Gospel Saves Podcast
The Gospel Saves Podcast
The Problem of Evil

The problem of evil is a difficult question about why bad things happen in the world. The Bible offers some answers.

  • Evil cannot exist on its own; it is a corruption of what is good.
  • God did not create evil, but He gave humans free will, and they misused it, introducing sin and evil into the world.
  • Bad things happen to us because of moral evil (our choices) and natural evil (accidents or disasters).
  • We can deal with evil by understanding that suffering can shape our character and lead to growth.
  • We can also find hope in the promise of something better after death.
  • Lastly, we must remember that there is a malevolent force at work in the world, but it is not equal to God’s power.

So, while the problem of evil exists, we can overcome it. Jesus understands and sympathizes with human suffering and temptation because he experienced them. He healed sick people, helped those in need, and even endured a cruel and unjust death. Jesus is God’s answer to suffering, and God planned for Jesus to come and help us overcome evil.

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