God’s Answer to Suffering

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God's Answer to Suffering

Jesus is God’s answer to suffering.

Pain and suffering are a part of the human experience. Though God is in heaven, He did not remain distant from our suffering. God sent Jesus Christ into the world to experience the full gamut of human suffering, culminating in His unjust and cruel death. His manifestation was a direct assault on the dominion of Satan.

God planned the appearance of Jesus and His participation in our plight from the beginning. Throughout the Old Testament, the prophets allude to a suffering Christ. All four gospel writers connect Jesus with the prophecies in Isaiah 53. Isaiah lived and prophesied some 700 years before Jesus was born. This particular chapter predicts Jesus would perform exorcisms and heal the sick, that He would suffer as an evil-doer, that few would believe in Him, and that many would treat Him with contempt.

Like Isaiah 53, Psalm 22 predicts Christ would experience human pain. Feeling deeply isolated, Jesus cried out, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?” He quotes from Psalm 22, written 1,000 years before by His forefather, David. The apostle John links the dividing of Jesus’s garments, His intense thirst, and the mode of His death with Psalm 22. God predicted Christ would suffer pain, humiliation, and heartbreak. Jesus is God’s answer to suffering.

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