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November 19, 2021 / / False Teaching
December 17, 2012 / / Holy Spirit

Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed? (Acts 19:2).

Paul encountered in Ephesus a group of disciples who believed in Jesus, but they had not received the Holy Spirit.  Today’s conventional teaching on the reception of the Holy Spirit and salvation in Jesus’s name rests on the assumption that both are bestowed when one believes in Jesus.  

April 17, 2011 / / Salvation

A few brief thoughts… When I was in college in the mid-nineties, I recall individuals from a local denomination walking the campus in the evening, initiating conversations with students about their salvation.  Their approach was direct, and memorable.  When afforded the opportunity, they inquired of a prospective convert, “Are you saved?”  It was a good question, and not a bad conversation starter.  I’ve since borrowed it myself.  Of course, if the student they asked responded with a “no,” they would then attempt to share the plan of salvation with him/her as they understood it.   And they understood it differently than I do.  For if memory (and youthful perception) serves me correctly, I recall walking by one of them one evening as he was bowing in prayer with another.  I can’t be certain what they were praying about, but based on what I know of this denomination, it’s quite possible they were praying what is often referred to as “the sinner’s prayer.”