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March 10, 2016 / / Apologetics

The case in favor of John grows stronger when we add another internal element: the author of this account was familiar with Palestine.

January 18, 2016 / / Apologetics
January 4, 2016 / / Apologetics

From the writings of Clement of Rome and Irenaeus, we know that the core elements of the Christian faith were established by the end of the first century, some 60-70 years following the death and reported resurrection of Jesus.  I indicated in my previous post that though this is early testimony in terms of ancient history, there are more ancient documents that communicate these truths.

December 22, 2015 / / Apologetics

In my last blog post, I briefly discussed how historians are faced with the difficult task of unravelling true historical facts from the embellishments that creep in over time.  However, the threat of legend overtaking fact is mitigated by the gap between the actual event and the earliest record. 

February 10, 2015 / / Apologetics

The bodily resurrection of Jesus lies at the heart of Christian theology. If the body of Christ did not rise from the dead, the Christian faith means nothing. Since belief in the resurrection relies on the evidence, it’s worth our time as either believers or skeptics to evaluate the quality of the evidence.