The Fear of Death

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The Fear of Death

The fear of death is a universal experience. We all have felt this fear from time to time. So why do we fear death?

We are first introduced to death in the garden, where man’s moral evil — Adam’s choice to eat the fruit — introduces natural evil in the form of death. Death is evil because it is, by definition, the corruption of a good thing. Life is good, a gift from God, and death corrupts the good thing created by God. I would go so far as to say that death is an aberration for humans.

Death seems out of place for beings initially designed to live eternally. Our views of death lead to very different approaches to life. Some see death as the ultimate end, so why not live life to the fullest? When confronted with death, others question the point of life: does anything matter since I’m just going to die? The Bible encourages us to live responsibly because we will be held accountable after death.

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